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Sunday 29th November 2020
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R*n 228 location

R*n 228 started from Turner Hall Farm campsite, Seathwaite and the On Inn was Newfield Inn, Seathwaite.

Who ran 228? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Dormouse - Hare31518
Speedbump - Hare31114
Forever Blowing27152179
Full Member1910
Master Baker23537

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Friday 6th July 2007 at 7:30pm

Hash WeekendR*n 228 »

Seathwaite - Duddon Valley Weekend

On arriving at the Camp Site at Seathwaite, we set up our tents, all apart from FullMember, who managed to set off for a camping weekend without a tent.

Antiseptic and Cyberseptic had a spare bedroom which he moved into without delay.

Cyberseptic went to recce the following day’s r*n while the rest of the group r*n the r*n.

The r*n in a nutshell (we didn’t run in a nut’s shell):

Up the river, across the river, down the river.

The r*n from outside the nutshell:

This route was certainly not hash hound friendly, it included crossing the River Duddon via a guide wire and stepping stones that were covered by water due to recent heavy rain.  ForeverBlowing had to return down the road to the OnInn with Harry-Dog.

The rest of the r*n was fairly uneventful.  However, Bubbles hash crashed in the field before the pub.  Having successfully negotiated slippy stones, the smell of hot food and beer proved too much and in sprinting through the last field, he fell onto his arse rather magnificently.

The r*n was perfectly timed, we arrived at 20:50, in time to order food before the end of service at 21:00 – nice one Dormouse and SpeedBump.

The night drew to a close around 23:00, except for Bubbles, Dormouse and SpeedBump who saw the night to the bitter end at around midnight, to the best of their recollection at least.

Master Baker

Write up by Master Baker

12th July 2007 at 2:23pm