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Friday 15th January 2021
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R*n 601 location

R*n 601 started from the On Inn - The Miners Arms, Nenthead, Alston.

Who ran 601? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare57296353
Morticia - Hare56300356
>14 Sheikhs (Visitor)033
A N Other (Visitor)099
Babe Magnet (Visitor)099
Bat out of Hell044
Bell End044
Bone Idle01515
Forever Blowing61309370
Hash Drunk18110128
Off His Trolley26234260
Pick Me Up18106124
Pimp (Visitor)066
Simple (Visitor)02020
Sir Tom Tom39212251
Sponge (Visitor)033
Taxidermist (Visitor)033
Toy Boy (Visitor)02424
Virgin: Adele011
Virgin: Sue011
White Noise22212234

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On Inn - The Miners Arms, Nenthead, Alston

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 23rd October 2016 at 11:00am

Hash WeekendR*n 601 »

Nenthead - PRIME HASH and 16th birthday and 600th R*n weekend!

In this episode of LVH3’strip to Alston, Dormouse shows off his high quality shoes and Lurch proves that ,in spite of all 57 hares he’s been, he still doesn’t know the routes.

The r*n began at 11:00 in the car park of a pub in Nenthead. Lurch had assured us that this was a short hash, the FRBs were confused after their 11km (6.8 miles for Babe Magnet) r*n. This was the first sign that Lurch didn’t know the route. After several calls of on-on, two new comers joined the hash a little late. The route took us down to the weirdest surface in Britain, what felt like a sponge, and then up a hilly bog, before leaving a fish hook at the top. Taxidermist continued in his cheating ways of run 600, only for yet another fish hook to send us back.

Now we were running through bog when Dormouse cried up, his sole had fallen off, we haven’t seen him since, a short while later we were at the beerstop with cake and beer, Baldbrick informed us that Lurch had fallen down a hole on a course he had set, This was the second sign that Lurch didn’t know the route. Fortunately for him Morticia let him drive back to the pub. The Rambo split may have failed but soon we were back on course with sponge far ahead. Eventually we were on Inn and dry. The trip to Alston was over.

Bat out of Hell

Write up by Bat out of Hell

28th October 2016 at 10:30am

  1. Forever Blowing
    Forever Blowing From Babe Magnet:
    HHHi Forever Blowing,

    Thank you very much for having us at the weekend. You guys hosted an excellently planned and executed weekend. The hostel was great, the food was fantastic, the trails were brilliant (albeit not enough flour ;-)…..) and the company was great. You are all so welcoming; it’s always a great weekend when we come over to join you. Please pass on my thanks to everyone that was there.

    I’m already looking forward to the next weekend. Until next time…

    28th October 2016 at 7:25pm
  2. Forever Blowing
    Forever Blowing Hi Forever Blowing and Bubbles (and all LV hash)

    Just wanted to thank you all for a great weekend.
    We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and appreciate all the effort you put in to making this such a successful event.
    The hostel was lovely, especially with the squirrels paid to attend each morning, and the r*ns were ........'runny'.
    Many thanks to you all

    On, on
    Depth Charge and >14 Sheikhs
    28th October 2016 at 7:27pm