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Friday 30th October 2020
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R*n 572 location

R*n 572 started from Car park on south side of Lifeboat Station, Morecambe and the On Inn was The Palatine, Morecambe.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Off His Trolley - Hare25214239
White Noise - Hare21193214
Forever Blowing57292349

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On Inn - The Palatine, Morecambe

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.

The Palatine is a contemporary cask ale bar serving genuinely home made food and the best selection of quality drinks available in Morecambe


Monday 22nd February 2016 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 572 »


So many carparks, so many no-entry signs, but the intellectual members of the hash found it no problem- may be that’s why we were a select few tonight! The Septics’ new car obviously didn’t know the way – I’m sure the old one would have found it no problem!

With the clock tower looming over us, we had to leave on time – knowing that Septic legs would catch us up very soon. The Hare checked we had a watch between us, so that we could turn to head for food by a certain time. In the end we had no timing issues, the flour was well laid, and luckily it didn’t rain as the chalk would have been washed clean (Whitenoise!)

The stunning full moon shone on us as we wended our way through the Town Hall gardens and the cemetery where Baldbrick felt right at home, queue Upperskirt’s puns about being dead quiet and how we had been dying to run through there, we passed some very energetic real sporty types by Morecambe high school. After crossing the railway at Bare, we discovered a long ginnel that no one knew about – the Hares had even managed to find shiggy for us, looping behind Happy Mount Park we returned to the prom and headed for food, Baldbrick thought it would never end, despite Bubbles’ best reassurances.

A mini circle in the carpark, DD for Cyber, who was definitely suffering from flour blindness, forgetting his choice of food and smelling blue cheese where there was none. The hares for a well recced route, and even for one of them being absent -strangely quiet it was!

The Palatine was excellent at supplying all our food so promptly. Food envy for some for the architectural kebab that Bubbles had ordered, superb pizza as usual and a selection of beers were sampled. Antiseptic’s ‘dog’ will be well fed with pizza tomorrow.

The landlord was regaled with hash facts by Off His Trolley and Bubbles until GM decide it really was time to leave him in peace!

On On to High Newton on Sunday!

A great shame that Anoraksia and Helmet Polisher were unavoidably detained - come back soon!

Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

23rd February 2016 at 11:05am

  1. Forever Blowing
    Forever Blowing I tried to upload other pictures - but they kept turning upside down!
    24th February 2016 at 12:06pm