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Friday 15th January 2021
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R*n 561 location

R*n 561 started from the On Inn - Masons Arms, Gargrave.

Who ran 561? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare65288353
Forever Blowing - Hare55288343
Babe Magnet (Visitor)033
Mary Poppins (Visitor)033
Sir Tom Tom36195231

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On Inn - Masons Arms, Gargrave

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.

Quaint village pub with cosy rooms, plus a garden, a wood-beamed bar and home-style fare.


Sunday 25th October 2015 at 11:00am

Hash WeekendR*n 561 »

Gargrave - Homeward Bound!

We were expecting to meet up with a band of unkempt, tired and emotional hashers, weary from the two previous hash weekend trails and two late, beer-filled nights spent away from home. Far from it… they all looked as fresh as a daisy (despite a 10 miler the previous day) and were raring to complete a hat trick. Lurch even admitted that he had stayed alcohol-free the previous evening in order to give his best on Bubbles and Forever Blowings trail. He needs to seek help if he is to remain a hasher as it is all wrong for him not to be a beer monster when away on a hash weekend – what will other hashers think of us (wimps come to mind)!!

Having enjoyed a coffee in the café prior to the r*n (and been introduced to our visitors Babe Magnet and Mary Poppins), we circled and set off through the back streets of a busy Gargrave, having been told to avoid the church when looking for the out trail. (We were told later by an amused Bubbles that this would have given us a massive shortcut had we disobeyed him – but of course, we stuck to the rules and extended our mileage)! There were lots of proper r*nners, walkers and cyclists present in Gargrave all giving it their best efforts … and then us, ambling around, looking lost and making lots of noise and disturbing the peace. We quickly left the village and headed upwards towards Eshton (never heard of it) and struggling to find the trail in a large field. We eventually picked up the trail only to find the first fish hook (wasn’t expecting that), so back down the hill to canter round the knitting circle.

Amazing scenery and varied terrain brought the front r*nners to the well stocked beer stop, eventually followed by the rest of the gang who had decided the off-trail looked better than the on-trail! Whilst I was extremely tempted by the cake, I resisted but did say that whoever took the last piece would be a dead man as I would indulge back at the On Inn (I did indulge and it was excellent cake Morticia – thank you)!

Leaving the beer stop, past the hash hostel (see hash flash photos) and onto further amazing views with fabulous autumn colours, followed by another Fish Hook (wasn't expecting that either)! Front r*nners included a speedy Dormouse and a stiff sweaty Lurch, plus a fit Antiseptic (who Sir Tom Tom suggested would be renamed “Anti Social” if she continued to r*n past everyone)!

Dropping down the hill we went past next years future hostel (with lots of chimneys) and hit the canal and the In Trail back to the Masons Arms. The squarcle took in several down downs; me for my blond moment with the police car and the cyclists (don’t ask!), several for soiling the trail and several involving all RAs (one in, all in apparently)?!

It was warm and cozy in the On Inn and food went down very well – served quickly and with good size portions! Just what the doctor ordered after a long (but thoroughly enjoyable) r*n. Well done hares and roll on next years hash weekend as even Bitter and I might join you all if you return to Earby as it all sounded brilliant!!





Write up by Twisted

26th October 2015 at 11:31am