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Friday 18th September 2020
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R*n 207 location

R*n 207 started from Car Park 100m south of Grizedale Visitor Centre, Grizedale Forest and the On Inn was White Hart, Bouth.

Who ran 207? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Dormouse - Hare11011
Speedbump - Hare178
Major Twit46569
Master Baker11516
Minor Twat75562
Off His Trolley75764
White Noise54954

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Sunday 10th December 2006 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 207 »


Everyone seemed to be commenting that the weather was fine when they set off from home so it came as an enormous surprise to us all that it was actually raining upon arrival at Grizedale Forest! Rain at this time of year in the Lake District – yet more evidence of global warming. Rain on 2 consecutive hashes – further evidence of global warming.

Grizedale Forest – the largest forest in the Lake District National Park so a great location for hashing. A maze of different tracks gave the hares great scope for making mischief by way of false trails. Off went the checker, safe in the knowledge that they’d soon be put right either by the familiar hash horn or shouts of on! –on! from elsewhere in the Grizedale Everglades – or would they? Well that was the question. A mixture of Lune Valley rules, Edinburgh rules and make it up as you go along rules ensured that confusion rules reigned supreme. But not to worry, there aren’t any rules in hashing and all the tracks in the forest looked the same so it didn’t matter.

The Forest is well known for its sculptures, now enhanced by Lurch seen on top of one of the foxes and keeping still long enough hoping to be thrown a few pennies. Better luck next time Lurch, since when have hashers been known for their generosity? You made a handsome exhibit in any event!

The Wimp Rambo split included a challenging bog section for the Rambos, Twisted said it went up to the top of one her legs. (The bog that is). Where was the other leg at the time I wondered? Madge commented by this time that he was even wetter than he was on Tuesday’s hash at Crooklands – a record wet hash in any event so I was informed.

The second Wimp Rambo split was abandoned by the Hares due to the incessant rain and a desire by all to get to the On-inn. The circle was abandoned for the same reason and we agreed to hold it in the pub. (We subsequently didn’t do this in order to remain well behaved in the company of non-hashers). We sang xmas carols instead with Masterbaker performing superbly on the piano, until the landlord called time on that one.

Every credit must go to the hares who did a stirling job in setting any sort of trail in these conditions!!

Twisted has reported that DD’s would have been awarded to:

  • The Hares for getting us all wet.
  • Lurch, Morticia & Slackbladder – reporting late for hashing.
  • Masterbaker – a bad Abba impersonation but a much better one of Russ Conway later on in the On–Inn.
  • Whitenoise – for running on the hash (a first).

The main thing I learnt following this hash was always bring spare underwear in future – further explanation will be provided on request.


Write up by Bitter

16th December 2006 at 5:53am